1. What is a midrange house project?

    A midrange project might be an entry door replacement, bathroom remodel, deck addition, or sunroom addition. It’s really up to you and your perception of what midrange is, but did you know “according to the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvsvalue.com)” a minor kitchen remodel includes: replacing old ovens and cook tops with new energy-efficient models, replacing laminate countertops, installing a mid-price sink and faucet, repainting trim, add wall covering, replacing flooring and last but not least is cabinet refacing.

    Cabinet refacing is considered a midrange project because the cost of refacing is so much less than replacing all of your cabinets and a short installation time (approx. 2-3 days) makes it a reachable goal without making it an expensive long term project like a full kitchen remodel does.

    Getting the biggest bang for your dollar is what makes kitchen refacing such an excellent investment. According to the annually published Cost vs. Value Report, minor remodeling in the Chicagoland area averages $22,375 and upon selling your home, you can expect to recoup 102.9% of your investment. Compare this to $64,322 for a major kitchen remodel where you can expect to only recoup 78.2% of your investment. Refacing your cabinets is only a small fraction of the total remodeling cost if that. You don’t have to spend a fortune or be displaced from your home for weeks to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted!

    Many people put off updating their kitchen because they don’t want to deal with the time, cost and inconvenience that are usually involved.  Let us help you create a high quality Nu-Look Kitchen in as little as 3 days.  We provide only superior quality materials in a wide assortment of colors, designs and architectural themes.  Take a look at our testimonials and photos from past kitchens that have taken on a midrange house project and turned it into an all Nu-Look Kitchen!

  2. Spring into Savings

    Spring time seems to be coming in slowly this year but, as you know, it can happen within a blink of an eye in good ol’ Illinois. Before you know it the air becomes warmer, days get longer, and all the beautiful colors return around us, refreshing everything.  Spring is a great time to do home remodeling so you have the whole summer to enjoy it and share it with your family and friends at the picnics, parties and barbecues you host.

    When learning all the different options that are available to you, you might think taking on a big project like kitchen or bath remodeling would be frustrating and timely.  Here at Nu-Look Kitchens we try our best to help you step-by-step through those options so the process is seamless and less complicated. Since we have been refacing for the past 30 years, we have experience with all ages of homes from  the late 1800’s to present.

    Perhaps you bought a “used” home and the kitchen or bath are not exactly to your taste.  With Nu-Look you can change it to suit your own design style whenever the time is right for you. We would love the opportunity to help make your dreams of a new kitchen or bath come to fruition.

    One common denominator among us all is MONEY!! The reality is most of us don’t have a money tree in our back yards to be able to pull cash off of when we need it (although wouldn’t that be nice), and remodeling can be expensive.  Instead we often have to put money aside to fund our dream of remodeling the kitchen or bath with all new cabinets, countertops, and hopefully new appliances. When we have saved enough money then we set off to find the best deals we can – after all, a great deal makes everyone happy.  Well refacing rather than replacing your cabinets can be a great savings compared to the expense of new cabinets.  Since old school refacing is usually about half the cost of replacing, it makes it much more affordable and, consequently, the money you save can go towards those other items needed to complete your dream kitchen or bath.   Since you saved a significant amount of money by refacing, you might want to add organizers, shelving, moldings or other accessories to personalize your cabinets, or even add the décor you didn’t think you could. Your dollars go much further with refacing and yet everyone will think you spent your kids’ college fund on the project.

    So if you dream of refreshing the look of your kitchen or bath this spring, call us at Nu-Look Kitchens. We love making dreams come true.  Why not yours?

  3. New Year/New Possibilities/Nu-Look!


    As we say goodbye to 2014, join us in ringing in a brand new and exciting year full of interesting new concepts and designs that will make your home and kitchen spectacular without spending much money.

    We are pleased to announce that our territory and staff has expanded to serve more of McHenry and Lake County than ever before and we have increased other services offered, from floor to ceiling.

    Make one of your New Years’ resolutions to add color to your life!

    The many new custom colors and finishes now available for your kitchen will help you say goodbye to dingy and boring, and hello to the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted but thought you could not afford.  Nu-look Kitchens can – and will – provide you with a fantastic new look for a most affordable price because we are a local family-owned business with significantly low overhead and cost of doing business.

    Or maybe you’ve decided to accentuate with more style this year?

    Our door style selection has grown exponentially. There are literally 100’s of fresh and unique styles from which to choose. I’m talking about everything from traditional early American to ultra-contemporary styling.  You can enhance any concept to make it your own.  Use your imagination and visualize the traditional doors and drawers having a rustic and widely varied grain pattern.  Or, at the other end of the spectrum, apply a more modern, high gloss, contemporary finish. You can choose from one extreme appearance to the other and anything in between to make it uniquely yours.  And don’t forget you can personalize it even more with your choice of any wood species, from standard to exotic.

    An accent choice to your personal style is the hardware.  You can select visual surface mounted hinges for a traditional look, or a more clean appearance with hidden or concealed hinge features to compliment any of the more than 100 knobs, pulls, or handles available to give your Nu-look Kitchen a one of a kind look that you can be proud of for several years to come.

    The final choice to your one-of-a-kind kitchen might be choosing matching crown, cove, or dental moldings to complement and add that finishing touch to your beautiful, new refaced kitchen.

    Well done!  You have just imagined the perfect kitchen to reflect who you are in 2015.  Now all you need to do is call to realize your dream.

    Nu-Look Kitchens will reface your existing worn out cabinets and make them look better than they have ever looked before in just one or two days, without the mess of replacing them, and save you money compared to buying new.

    With our help, your “new look” kitchen will reveal your style and renew your sense of pride and enjoyment in your home.

    We look forward to being a part of your new year.


  4. Refacing those 70’s Cabinets

    Lately most of the kitchens that I have refaced remind me of my childhood in the 1970’s. Gone are the days of very dark Mediterranean styles with heavy looking hardware and brightly colored accessories.  At the time Spanish Oak cabinets with large bulky handles combined with Kitchen cabinet refacing today makes more sense than ever.


    DSC01159 (2)








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Avocado green appliances, and wall colors of red, orange and yellow was” hip”. If your parents were really “with it” you may have even had some matching Ozite carpet on the kitchen floor to match the the color of your walls. I’m so glad that today in contrast most recent clients are choosing Maple or Cherry for their wood of choice. Combining that with a Shaker style door and drawer detail looks fantastic.  Add some concealed hinges, crown molding, matching toe kick and the next thing you know those dated cabinets look new again.

  5. New Kitchen for the Holidays?


    Yes, there is still some time remaining to have your kitchen and or vanities cabinets refaced before the holidays. However I would not too much longer in making a decision because my suppliers are notifying me that there completion times are beginning the extend out to in fact need more time for their manufacturing and shipping ability. Kitchen cabinet refacing demands are becoming much more frequent due to the fact that the refacing process is so much more affordable, takes less time, minimizes family disruption, and frankly if performed properly looks as good as all new replacement cabinets.










    Having a New Look kitchen is as easy as making a click with a mouse or simply making a phone call to Nu-Look Kitchens. Several curious and potential clients will start a conversation with me by asking how much does it cost to reface my kitchen or vanity cabinets?  Much of of the time I can give an approximate estimate over the phone and all that’s required by you is to answer about 5 questions from the comfort of your own home. After that initial contact I can come out to your home and give a more detailed and customized consultation once I see the job at hand and present a proposal of work to be performed and an accurate price in writing.

    Why is cabinet refacing so much more affordable than the conventional tear out and full replacement option? Answer is that by covering the cabinet exterior with the same matching wood as the new doors, and drawer fronts makes the older but probably more structurally sound cabinets suggest the look of newly replaced cabinets.  Also adding new wood moldings, toe kicks, hinges and hardware is the finishing touch to achieve the new cabinet look but for far less money and inconvenience to the entire family rituals.

    Whether you are looking for a contemporary or a more traditional new look for your kitchen by utilizing cabinet refacing it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    See you next time,


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